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Citadel of Trash v.3[RE-BORN]; January 27, 2021

Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt - The Monster Of Yesa
Burning Pyre - Impermanence
π–œπ–π–Žπ–™π–Šπ–˜π–π–†π–‰π–”π–œπ–π–šπ–—π–™π–˜ - Sensitive Waverider
Jonquera - GaΓ©tan Et Le Plateau D'Argent
EGREGORE - Birth Of A Cyber Goddess
Paul Seul - Si Je Les Avais EcoutΓ©s
MΓΆgela - Lilith told me
Bergsonist - BioTerrorism
Canadian Rifles - A Rose Medallion Centerpiece, Empty Perfume Flasks And Caviar
Free The Land - "The essential goal of human beings is to transcend, not dominate the biological..."
Lol K - Oilseed Stone ft. Coby Sey
Auspicious Family & Laure Boer - Wayward Symmetry
Lensk - Degraded memories
Stylo G - X5
igen - escapism is not an opcion
Yogev Freiilichman - 3inch
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier - Catchment Areas (Spiritual Pollution)
0comeups - A SWARM TO COME
Tomtom Tom - Phoenix
Peder Mannerfelt - Dumb Drums
Europa - Hardcore – Meditation
Europa - Song for Christina (Numb,ΰ²₯η›Šΰ²₯)
stert - Pearly gates
Sentimental Rave - Give me pain
L.U.V / π„π¬π¨π­πžπ«π’πœπ¦πšπ§π’πš - S A T U R N O (β™„ PATCHWORK PLACE Mix)
Code Walk - Clock [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion]
Yozy - Gabbertone II
MAGA - Carrera Clandestina
MurdΓ«r - Meet Her At The Jump Parade