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Caveman Noise: Mixtape 6 - 20/01/2020

Extreme Noise Terror - Bullshit Propaganda
Root - Pisen Pro Satana
God - My Pal
Pissmoon - Echoes in Flickering Candlelight.. / Enthroning of the Immortal Majesty
Infernal Legions Of Mordor - Just Another Day of My Meat Coffin Rotting on This Punishment Orb
RKL - Scab On My Brain
Easy Off - Colour Out Of Space
Throbbing Gristle - Slug Bait (Live at Nuffield Theatre, Southhampton 7th May 1977)
The Crucifucks - The Annual Report
Corrupted Temple Of Moss - What Lies Beyond The Dismal Horizon
Xysma - Foetal Mush
Occult Blood - Family (tracks)
Immolation - Dawn Of Possession
Kate Bush - Army Dreamers
Urine Cop - War I
Triple 6 - Walkin' Assassin Ft. Dre Dog, Fela Phil & Fly Mar
Cube (1997) - Soundtrack - Man Theme
Winters In Osaka - Co0njuring Chamber
Occult Blood - Joyful Eruptions
Order Of Darkness - Vile Cleansing Rain
Straightjacket Nation - Child Care
Romantic Gorilla - Congratulation
Doobie Smoov - Smokefest
Antediluvian - Mount Of The Congregation...
Nasenbluten - Concrete Compressor (Original Mix)
Cult Ritual - Failed