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Neil Young - Rumblin'

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Caveman Noise: Mixtape 13 - 09/03/2020

Extreme Smoke 57 - Corporate God
Morgoth - Pits Of Utumno
Black Mass Of Absu - Dragging The Putrid, Rotted Corpse Of Christ From It's Filthy Rancid Tomb
Buckshot, Criminal Manne & Primo - Ridin' Steamer (Born 2 Lose)
warren zevon - Werewolves Of London
The Contortions - Dish It Out
Discript - (japanese title)
Lifelock - Indiscriminately Kill
The Annihilated - Body Count
Zyanose - Ghost Of Past
Szklo - Watch Us Burn
Anti-Bofors - Totalitar Stat
Chubby and the Gang - Speed Kills
F.U.P. - Step By Step
G.A.S.H. - Because You Are A Woman
Indignation - Where's It End? / Retribution
Easy Off - Planned Obsolescence
Big Black - L-Dopa
lack of interest - Useless
Physique - We Make Noise
Rontgen - A Lesson In Fire
Skitklass - The Ruler Of The Fuckin' Asshole!
Thisclose - How
Agregat - Neverending Hell
Tuth Of Arize - Massacre And Armed Aggression
Gloom - Self Interest
Syrgas - Blod Svett Och Morker
Pan Head - Under Bondage
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Zone Killer - Iron Subjugation
Hexx - Standing Asleep
bowel rupture - Lividity
Total Isolation - Hammer Of Depression
Soul Void - Summoned To Kill
Bloody Master - Toss The Cross
Mechanist - Cross Bound
Procreation - Caking Blood
Cannibal Corpse - Zero The Hero
Malignant Altar - Procreation Of The Wicked
DOGCOCK - Redundancy and Restructuring
Blood Stained Concrete - Desperate Suicide
Fleshrot - Twisted Visions Prevail
GWAR - Sick Of You