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Roberto Menabo - Il Ritorno Dell'Enola Gay

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Back on the Goodfoot: Sunday July 29, 2018

Elvis Presley - Fever (Live)
Bessie Smith - I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl
Peg Leg Howell and His Gang - New Jelly Roll Blues
Lil Johnson - Sam - The Hot Dog Man
Memphis Minnie - Keep On Eatin'
Bo Carter - Banana In Your Fruit Basket
Georgie White - Hot Nuts (Get 'Em From The Peanut Man)
Fats Waller - All That Meat and No Potatoes
Frank "Half-Pint" Jaxon - (It Must Be Jelly 'Cos You Know) Jelly Don't Shake
The Sultans - Lemon Squeezing Daddy
Wynonnie Harris - I Like My Baby's Pudding
Dinah Washington - Salty Papa Blues
Julia Lee - The Spinach Song (I Didn't Like it The First Time)
Julia Lee - All This Beef and Big Ripe Tomatoes
Tami Neilson - Bananas
The Swallows - It Aint The Meat
Big Joe Turner - My Gal's A Jockey
Paula Watson - I Love To Ride
The Gories - Let Your Daddy Ride
Funkadelic - Mommy What's a Funkadelic?
Black Merda - Cynthy-Ruth
Iron Knowledge - Show Stopper
Eddie Bo - Hey Mama Here Comes The Preacher
Blackrock - Yeah Yeah
ACDC - Ride On
Prince - Head
Prince - Forever In My Life
Prince - I Could Never Take The Place of You Man
Prince - It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night