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[ANN0-DOM1N1] - Citadel of Trash v. ---------- [ON-SITE] --------; April 14, 2021

Visio - Wise Wound
Dutchavelli - I'll Call You Back
Misantrop - Song for Aaron Livesy
Felisha Ledesma & Angelo Harmsworth - Falsche
Airport, John Denver - Sunshine on My Shoulders
Loski - Call Me Loose
StaySolidRocky - Party Girl
Cedric Madden - Five•For•ty Papa•ra•zzi (Torus↯Gaga Luv Blend)
bod [包家巷], Skrillex - Spring Breakers Ride Home bod [包家巷] edit
ssaliva x julietta ferrari - Moan
Tanning Salon - Camelot Wanderers (Dream Castle)
Napolian - 2 Lose That 1 Thing
ANCIENTTEARS - fall warmth of 1998 (Clara Rockmore tribute)
Celes - Bells
Fetty Wap - Come My Way
Mica Levi, Oliver Coates - Barok Main
((ipdp)) - The Original Flowering Earth- Side B Sample
Strawberry Hospital - I'll Miss You, So Long
StrangeMountainMusic - Blue Ocean III
M24, AM, Skengdo - Do it & Crash
Alobhe - nambad
Gee - sigh of relief-resident evil
Pop Smoke - Foreigner
Niikita - Nine Long Nights
Baby D - i would live 4 love. dying is easy
Strict Face - Alice (Peace Edit)
Fcklove - SLIM KAWASAKI (£ -€ FEMME FATALE ^· - -)
JCCG - Arrastrado
Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, bod [包家巷] - Shoota x (butterfly(maybe I Was Hito Steyerl))
Unsetly, Chief Keef - Hard (Unsetly Version)
Florian T M Zeisig - Emotions (Mariah Edit)
Alie - Matrix of Power
Core Self - NuErotic
IDKLANG - Echo is a Dancer
3castles - Dutchavelli Fluttershy Chainsmokers Young Thug Ellie Goulding Baile Final Blend @3castles (PEAKING)
dj ernie - Losing it x Bad and Boujee x one more time