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Leonard Cohen - Suzanne (live)

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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday September 26, 2018

Pan-Flute featuring Pierre Belmonde - Forever Autumn
Siddha - By The Side Of The River
Kathy & Carol - Wondorous Love
Bob Stewart - Edward
Harold Johnson Sextet + - Moses
Hamid El Kasri - Bacha Hammou
The Famous Rays - Release
Naked Spots Dance - Never
Freak Bras - Tomorrow Never Knows
Schtung - Au Revoir
Claire Hamill - Icicle Rain
Phil Bowering/Low Profile - Quiet Streets
New Chartbusters - Light My Fire
McDonald & Giles - Is She Waiting
Tir Ta Nog - The Same Thing Happened
Johnny Cash - Father and Daughter
Melvin J. Gunton and Brian Skinner - The Fortunes of Leo
The Habibiyya - Fana-Fillah
Ian Carr with Nucleus - Bedrock Deadlock
Enoch Light - Bali Ha'i
Dean Elliot - Lonesome Road
Daybreak - Daybreak
Tribrations - Coromandel Gold
Dead Famous People - All Hail The Daffodil