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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday September 19, 2018

Karen Beth - I Know That You Know
Flute and Voice - Ecce Navicula
Peter McLean's World of Children - It's Too Late Old Man
Georges Delerue - At The Bazaar
Catherine Howe - It Comes With The Breezes
Arica - Thorn
David Behrman - Leapday Night: Scene 1 (Mutantrumpet Ben Neil)
Lonnie Holley - Looking for All (All Rendered Truth)
Luzmila Carpio - Jiyaway Wirita
Ancient Future - Frogorian Dance
The Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus - Never My Love
Cosmic Dennis Greenidge - The Amazing Colossal Cucumber Man
Francisco Semprun & Michel Christodoulides - Temps Distille
Princess Flower and The Moon Rays - Lovin Spaceship
Okko - A Day In The Life
J.D. Robb - First Fugue
Wendell Harrison - Ginseng Love
J.S.R. - La Petite Comete Par Jeff
Doris Hays - Somersault Beat
Berkahal - Black Messiah
The Search Party - Poem by George Hall
Art of Primitive Sound - The Dance of Leaves
J D Emmanuel - Prayer
Orkiestra Osmego Dnia - W Wiejskim Snie
Meredith Monk - Slide
Mollie Thompson - From Worlds Afar
Saboten - Accel.
Marcus Belgrave - Glue Fingers (Part I)
John Shuttleworth - 500 Bus Stops
Pat Wells - Fire and Ice