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Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime

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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday September 12, 2018

Johnny Blackburn & Mary Lauren - The Secret Door
Gianni Sposito - Altair
Al-Gromer Khan - Mercedes (The Passion of the Late Nizam)
Mekanik Kommando - Gallant White Horses
Die Partei - Strahlsund
Ralph Carney - March of the Puppets
Father Pat Berkery - Chalice
Isabel Baker - God's Big Heart
Bruno Nicolai - La Contessa, Incontro
McCoy Tyner - For Tomorrow
Ethel Azama - Green Fire
Matador - Nite Time
Errol Reid - Dream 2
Harvey Williams - Gidea Park
Gabriel Dusik | Grupa "Gama" - Ametist
Astral Sounds - Osprey
Synthy-100 - Spring Etude (Martynov)
Arsen Gedik - Memory
Alan Feanch - Eagle Fly
Bobby Beausoleil - Lucifer Rising Part III
Wilburn Burchette - Witches' Sabbath
S. Cipriani - Death Watch
John Sase - Only a Play
Alien City - Cathode Rays
Dominique Guiot - Bouffon Du Roi
VC People - Castle on the Hill
Larry Tamblyn - This is the Night