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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday October 31, 2018

Tim Curry - Anything Can Happen On Halloween
Fred Myrow/Malcolm Seagrave - Phantasm Intro and Main Title
Riz Ortolani - Massacre of the Troupe
Paul Williams - Faust
Elisabeth Lutyens - Paranoiac
Herschell Gordon Lewis - Chase Scene / A Fitting Death For The Garbage He Was
Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind - Rocky Mountains
Humphrey Searle - The Haunting
Stanley Black - Maniac
Goblin - Black Forest
John Cameron - Meyers' House
Krysztof Komeda - Lullaby
Marc Wilkinson - Angel's Claw
John Cameron - Riding Free
Paul Burnell - The Yellow Wallpaper (Excerpt)
Mort Garson and the Blobs - Son of Blob
Paul Giovanni and Magnet - Gently Johnny