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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday October 17, 2018

Winfried Capteina - Mein Lieber
Hans Edler - Langt Bort
Robb Kunkel - Whispermuse
Martyr Group - Is There a Word for Love?
Demon & Wizard - Black Witch
Priscilla Ermel - Origens Da Luz (Para H.J. Koellreutter)
Paul Nagle - Second Voice
Lewis Baloue - Bringing You a Rose
Builders of the Adytum - Song - Rebirth/The Voice of the Template/Chant of the Ancient of Days
Jane Siberry - Dancing Class
Lifetones - Decide
Mayumi Itsuwa - Kawa Wa Umi E (River to the Sea)
Insides - Carly Simon
Dip In The Pool - Spring From the Surface
The Joy of Spring - Track Three
Richard Soutar - Sunny Days
Honeybus - Baroque'n'Roll Star
Linda Cohen - Wisteria
The Wayward Bus - The Prophet
Masabumi Kikuchi Sextet with Sadao Watanabe Quartet - So Por Vici
Bobby Rodriguez - Simply Macrame
The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good