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Erny Belle - Crypto

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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday July 4th, 2018

Freddie McCoy - Spider Man
Norman Rosten - The Spider
Henri-Pierre Noel - Funky Spider Dance
Kenyon Hopkins - Chamber of Horrors
Deerhoof - The Man The King The Girl and The Spider
Hero (Pseudo-group) - Peter Stays and Spider-Man Goes
Stan Lee - Narration
Andy Zwerling - Spiders in The Night
Ken Nordine - A Good Year for Spiders
Hal Russell - Dance Of The Spider People
Association C.P. - Spider
Peggy Zeitlin - Spin Spider Spin
A. T. Gaul - Spider (Salticus Sp.) Walking
Synanthesia - The Tale of the Spider and the Fly
Paul Schwartz - Metamorphosis 1: Arachne
Porya Hatami - Spider
Brian Eno - Spider and I
Sanford Clark - The Black Widow Spider
Barry Wallenstein, Cecil McBee, Stanley Cowell - Beast is A Wolf, Spider's Way, Snake
townes van zandt - Black Widow Blues
The Monocles - Spider and the Fly
The Azuma Kabuki Musicians - Tsuchigumo (The Dance of the Spider)
Atoll - L'Araignee-Mal b) L'Araignee-Mal
Electronic System - Spider
Ron Hunt - Spider
Carly Simon - Itsy Bitsy Spider
John Zacherle - The Spider and The Fly
The Cure - Lullaby