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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday August 1, 2018

The Fourmyula - Green 'B' Holiday
Stanley Black - Hymn to the Sun
Eden Ahbez - Full Moon
Yoshinori Sunahara - 2300 Hawaii
Nick Garrie - Bungles Tours
Cal Tjader - Georgy Girl
Gary McFarland - The Hills of Verdugo
Noel Harrison - Santa Monica Pier
Johnny Mann Singers - Meadows and Flowers
Chamaeleon Church - Flowers in the Field
The King of Luxembourg - The Queen of Luxembourg
Jacques Higelin & Areski - Je Veux des Coupables
John Addison - It's Always Your Fault
Viva Maria - Love Me!
Girlfriendo - First Kiss Feelings Vs. Everyday Sensations
Go-Kart Mozart - Mandrax for Minx Cats
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Si'l Vous Plait
Laila France - Trance Cocktail Airlines
Kim & Co - Lolita Ya Ya
Harmony Grass - Summer Dreaming
Family Tree - Do You Have the Time
Billy Nicholls - Feeling Easy
Ballroom - Spinning Spinning Spinning
Roger Nichols and the Small Circle of Friends - I Can See Only You
The Millennium - The Island
The Four King Cousins - This Girl's in Love With You
Peter Jay - Paradise Garden
Louis and Bebe Barron - Love at the Swimming Hole
Ruthann Friedman - Windy
Astrud Gilberto & Walter Wanderly - Call Me