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95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: October 9, 2020

Today on your bFM Breakfast: Easing ourselves into the weekend this Friday, definitely ready to see some gigs; Fabian Fanboy brings us a review of the latest blockbuster to hit cinemas; Dr. Kirsten Zemke takes us down the rabbit hole into Industrial; Ria Hall joins us to celebrate her nominations at the AMAs; Sam watched Utopia, yikes; and Mandy, from the Electoral Comission, talks us through voting. It's the weekend!

Green Grove - Mog's House
Hazy Sour Cherry - Little Run
Sinead O Brien - A Thing You Call Joy
Na Noise - Sun Stone Air
Emily Edrosa - Wade Thru
DROOR - The Plight
Shamir - Paranoia
Order of the Toad - Lady's Mantle
Amamelia - Operator PLZ!
P.H.F. - Marlboro Man
JessB - Bullseye
Wax Chattels - Mindfulness
Off The Meds - Wena
Ria Hall - Owner
Ria Hall - History
Palberta - Something in the Way
Marlin's Dreaming - Sink or Swim
Eartheater - Diamond in the Bedrock
Die! Die! Die! - I Seek Misery
Hans Pucket - Fuck My Life
Deb5000 - Termite Queen (live at 95bFM 20/03/2020)
Church & AP - OHNINE