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95bFM Breakfast with Rachel: January 25, 2021

Today on your bFM Breakfast: Rach is back from Girl's Rock Camp and we're kicking off the week with some classic tunes; Penelope Noir pops in to talk us through Björk's iconic looks; Edith Amituanai joins us ahead of her exhibition at the Auckland Arts Festival, Edith and George; Suri reviews a very relevant book on Loose Reads; and Justine helps us out with some health and safety issues. P.s. Happy Birthday Rach!

Hand Habits - 4th of july
Bob Dorough - The Magic Number
Death Valley Girls - The Universe
Merk - Treehouse Club
Estere - Into The Belly Of Capricorn
Marlon Williams - Slipping Away (Max Merritt & The Meteors) [Live at 95bFM - 30/11/18]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero
Jane Weaver - Heartlow
Sophie - BIPP [Autechre Mx]
Fruit Juice Parade - Legislation
Shame - 6/1
The Veils - Nux Vomica
AceMo - Through The Pressure
The Sugarcubes - Birthday
Jazmine Mary - Dancer
Midnight Sister - Limousine
Polaroids of Polarbears - The Secret To Treading Water, Take A Deep Breath
Goat Girl - Badibaba
Emily Edrosa - Circle Of Love [Steve Miller Band Cover]
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - Hollywood [Cranberries Cover]
Voom - King Kong
Eden Burns - Invercargill
Mermaidens - I Might Disappear
Perfume Genius - Your Body Changes Everything - Boy Harsher Remix
Talking Heads - I Zimbra