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95bFM Breakfast with Jenn: January 22, 2021

Today on your bFM Breakfast: It's Friday and Jenn's got some tunes to get you into the weekend feeling; Fabian Fanboy reckons you've gotta get yourself along to Dawn Raid; Benny Salvador and Hudge from Neck of the Woods pop in ahead of a big night tonight; and Sam pops in to review Industry, one to watch this weekend. Happy Friday!

Dam Native - Horified One
kero kero bonito - Dump
REXY - Nervoso
Power Nap - Club Dinos
JANG - White Hell
The Go! Team - Secretary Song
Marlon Williams - Party Boy
Laura Groves - they told us it was hard, but they were wrong.
Laura Groves - Infinite Wisdome
Lion - You've Got A Woman
Black Marble - Johnny and Mary
Francisca Griffin - rising tide
Sarah Mary Chadwick - Full Mood
Gia Margaret - body
Albertine Sarges - Free Today
Nightmare Honey - Lucky People feat. Skody Banks
Womb - Dust to Dust
Moor Mother & Billy Woods - The Blues Remembers Everything The Country Forgot feat. Wolf Weston
Benny Salvador - 3 Suns
Benny Salvador - Wat Shu
Jeff Parker - Cliche
Dana Gavanski - I Talk To The Wind
Emily Edrosa - Circle Of Love [Steve Miller Band Cover]
Grandaddy - Summer Here Kids
Cindy - New Power
Mouth Congress - Gonna Be A Man
Austra - Identity
Pom Poko - Baroque Denial
Oneohtrix Point Never - I Don’t Love Me Anymore
Goat Girl - Badibaba
Na Noise - Open The Door
Modest Mouse - Float On