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Stinky Jim - Cry For The Ute

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95bFM Breakfast with Amelia: December 8, 2022

Memory Foam - Hold My Beer
Team Dresch - She's Crushing My Mind
Holger Czukay - Cool in the Pool
Baby Zionov - Maybe Someday
Ernest Hood - Pleasant, This Garden
Shy One - Scorpio Sun
Hans. - Candy ft. imugi 이무기
Pipsy - I Want To Crush My Enemies
Channel Tres - 6am
Burning Spear - Tradition
Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon - Breakin' Down The Walls of Heartache
800 Cherries - b.b.v.u. (give Me Give Me)
DOB - Some Kinds of Love
Romare - The Fool
Best Bets - Minor Leagues
Shoes - Boys Don't Lie
Les Big Byrd - I Used To Be Lost But Now I'm Just Gone
Ivor Cutler - Women of the World (feat. Linda Hirst)
The Bard - Dot Dot Dot... What
Raiden Freeman - S.O.T.S. (feat. skymning & Welcomer)
Wellness - Beach
Soaked Oats - Simple Pleasures
Naomi Elizabeth - Did You Know I'm Down
Finn Johansson - There Were Things That I Forgot
Unknown - I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy
Genevieve Waite - Femme Fatale