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Cleveland Eaton & the Kats - It's Mookie Time

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RAVE THE b! Our Fundraiser Afterparty!

You've heard of SAVE THE b - now get ready to RAVE THE b!

95bFM, UnderTheRadar, and Scrumpy are excited to announce that off the back of bFM's mother-of-all fundraisers at the Auckland Town Hall on Wednesday 20 December, we'll be keeping the night alive with the mother-of-all multi-venue, multi-genre raves at the official SAVE THE b afterparty.

Featuring an all-star line up of bFM talent from across the last 30 years as well as the hottest favourites across the Student Radio Network, RAVE THE b will be hosted across Whammy, Backroom, The Wine Cellar, and The Wine Cellar Bar from 10pm - 4am.


deepState, Dubhead, Half Hexagon, Half Queen & ZEKI (H2Ho Radio), LoggCabin
Miss Dom, North Shore Pony Club, Pennie Raven Black, PolyHill, Samuel Harmony, Scarlotta (Love Language), Stinky Jim, THEIA, The Professor, The Swap Meet

Wednesday 20 December
10pm - 4am
Whammy, Backroom, The Wine Cellar, and The Wine Cellar Bar.
Tickets are $35 dollars from