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95bFM presents Tame Impala at Spark Arena

95bFM Presents Tame Impala. Thursday 16 April at Spark Arena with support from Khruangbin.

Pretty wild that Tame Impala has gone from that band your longhair mate won’t stop talking about, to a global psych rock phenomenon but here we are. Still going strong, every album bigger than the last, Kevin Parker truly is Aussie boy made good. I mean, he’s on the bloody cover of GQ. So maybe you’ve missed your chance to see That Band before they got famous, but this is for sure your chance to see them at their biggest, best, and most powerful. Plus, they’ve bringing Texan Balearic psych troubadors Khruangbin with them. That alone would be worth the price of the ticket. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that you’d have to be an absolute prize drongo to miss this one.

Tickets are on sale now from here.