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DBLDBL - Big Mike feat. L V J & PollyHill

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95bFM, Electric Kiwi & Nest Fest: Recorded, Produced & Mastered

Recorded, Produced, and Mastered. Electric Kiwi, Nest Fest & 95bFM's search for Electric Talent.

Whatever kind of music you're into, if you're a musician, then we wanna hear your demos, your rough mixes, your home-made tracks...anything that you reckon deserves another shot in the studio! Send them in and you could win a weekend at 95bFM recording two tracks with our excellent engineers Rick and Big Hungry. Plus, you'll get your songs pressed to 7" vinyl by Holiday Records, and you'll be playing at NZ's leading boutique independent music festival, Nest Fest 2022 in the sunny Hawkes Bay!

So what are you waiting for? Flick us an email with your tracks to, or head to the Electric Kiwi Facebook page and comment on their RPM post with a video of you performing. Entries close November 30.