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The 95bFM Jazz Show

The 95bFM Jazz Show - drawing on the music that influenced jazz, the music that became jazz, and the music that jazz became. A must-listen for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike, with Blind Mango Chutney, Miss Dom, Def Jim, Frances Chan or Dr. Mark Baynes. Sundays from midday.

95bFM Jazz Show with Def Jim: Sunday January 7, 2024

Jazz_Show_20240107_1200.mp3 mp3, 220.43 MB
Sun 7 Jan 2024

Def Jim gets the 95bFM Jazz Show off to a cracking start for 2024 with selections from brand new releases featuring emerging guitarist Ava Mendoza and Myra Melford's Fire And Water Quintet (with guitarist Mary Halvorson) amongst a trove of other lovingly curated material from across the modern jazz firmament. 

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Sperber Dan, 31 December 2023

Jazz Show 31.12.23.mp3 mp3, 222.05 MB
Sun 31 Dec 2023

Sperber Dan digs around in recent releases, finding local gems by Mel Stevenson and Christoph El Truento, UK jazz scene highlights and more. Later it’s off to the op shop for Dollar Disco, Jazz Show style. Then, after some very contemporary vocal numbers, we pause to reflect with Bill Evans and Jimmy Scott, finishing with some groove classics.

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, Miss Dom & Frances Chan, 24 December 2023

The 95 BFM Jazz Show Xmas Special with Blind Mango, Frances, Miss Dom, & Sassy 24 Dec 2023 PodFinal.mp3 mp3, 254.52 MB
Sun 24 Dec 2023

It’s a Jazzmas Eve party with Blind Mango Chutney, Miss Dom and Frances Chan playing their faves from 2023 and some vintage classics, including picks from absent hosts Def Jim and Dr Mark Baynes who are there in spirit. Plus Christmas Elf Sassy provides the Jazz Gig Guide and a her special Jingle Janglemosa mocktail for the festive season. Uncle Mark from Logg Cabin joins in the Chrimbo cheer.

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, 17 December 2023

Jazz_Show_171223_1200.mp3 mp3, 218.66 MB
Sun 17 Dec 2023

From Mongo to Mingus to Melanie Charles, Blind Mango Chutney gives you a taste of classic, modern and soulful jazz and a hearty cup of Xmas cheer.

95bFM Jazz Show with Def Jim: Sunday December 10, 2023

Jazz_Show_20231210_1200.mp3 mp3, 223.88 MB
Sun 10 Dec 2023

Def Jim presents his 15 Sleeps Jazz Show, with brand new releases from the likes of James Brandon Lewis and John Zorn, and a newly re-released classic from The Jazz Doctors, amongst a typically varied selection of other album tracks both close and more distant in the Jazz Highway rear-view mirror. 

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, 3 December 2023

Jazz_Show_031223_1200.mp3 mp3, 219.53 MB
Sun 3 Dec 2023

Blind Mango Chutney has a great yarn with guest Nathan Graves, A&R exec and promoter extraordinaire, about his extensive career and plays some of the amazing artists he’s worked with in NZ and the UK.

95bFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom 26 Nov 2023

95bFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom 26 Nov 2023 95bFM Jazz Show With Hosts Dr Mark Baynes & Miss Dom 26 Nov 2023, 225.01 MB
Sun 26 Nov 2023

Dr. Mark heads to distant lands and features stellar jazz selections from Israel and Palestine. While, Dom, aside from a wee side-trip to the land of Far-out with an interlude of World Jazz, keeps it local and plays a few new releases to keep on one's radar. 
Podcast-only tracks:
Meshell Ndegeocello - Clear Water
The Kuti Mangoes - Song for Fella

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, 19 November 2023

Jazz_Show_191123_1200.mp3 mp3, 238.55 MB
Sun 19 Nov 2023

From the blues to Billie to bandleader Bingo Miki, Blind Mango Chutney broadens your braincells brilliantly.

The 95bFM Jazz Show with Frances Chan, 12 November 2023

Jazz_show_12-11-23_Podcast.mp3 mp3, 255.63 MB
Sun 12 Nov 2023

Following her spotlight on 80s jazz, Frances Chan spends the first hour in 90s nostalgia including acid jazz, trip hop and the Cuban comeback. Plus new releases and a Herbie gamechanger celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Nathan Haines – Chinese Burn
The New Loungehead – Prince Lucy
Medeski, Martin & Wood – It’s a Jungle in Here
Jamiroquai – Hooked Up
Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan
Ernest Ranglin – None Shall Escape the Judgement
John Scofield, Pat Metheny – The Red One
Paco de Lucia, John McLaughlin, Al de Meola – La Estiba
DJ Food – Half Step
Amon Tobin – Bridge
Miles Davis – Mystery
Love Square ft Maia Huia & Julian Dyne – Layer
Gogo Penguin – Parasite
Martha Kato – Ishonsho Abe
Myele Manzanza – Meditations
Nitin Sawhney – Serpents
The Circling Sun – Silver
Malcolm Braff Trio – Sexy M.F.
Alfa Mist – Foreward
Herbie Hancock – Rockit


The 95bFM Jazz Show with Blind Mango Chutney, 5 November 2023

Jazz_Show_051123_1200.mp3 mp3, 238.55 MB
Sun 5 Nov 2023

Blind Mango Chutney bookends his show with indo-fusion jazz to celebrate Diwali, throws in some old time Halloween hauntings and jazz-rock fusion too.