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Sunday Best

Angus Thunder hosts Sunday Best, where he recaps the choicest bits from the bFM airwaves.

Sunday Best: May 20, 2018.

Sunday Best 20 May 2018.mp3 mp3, 222.24 MB
Sun 20 May 2018

Last Sunday Best ever! Much aroha to all ya'll b fams, peace! 

Sunday Best: 18 February, 2018.

Sunday Best, 18 February 2018.mp3 mp3, 256.06 MB
Sun 18 Feb 2018

From thrash to trap to classic indie & outlaw country, Angus Thunder keeps the good ship b afloat while Rick Breeze pumps the bilges - classic Sunday Morning fare.

Sunday Best: 11 February, 2018.

Sunday Best, 11 Feburary 2018.mp3 mp3, 203.32 MB
Sun 11 Feb 2018

Angus Thunder continues to hold down a hearty Sunday morning breakfast, just what the Dr ordered for what ales ya! 

Sunday Best: 4 February, 2018.

Sunday Best, 4 February 2018.mp3 mp3, 215.81 MB
Sun 4 Feb 2018

Two hours of Angus Thunder's fine selection and discussion of all things weekend. 

Sunday Best: 24 December, 2017.

Sunday Best, 24 December 2017.mp3 mp3, 193.47 MB
Sun 24 Dec 2017

Final Sunday best for 2017, this week including Melodownz live on Freak The Sheep. Angus will be back in about a month. Merry Xmas!

Sunday Best: 10 December, 2017.

Sunday Best 10 December, 2017.mp3 mp3, 194.75 MB
Sun 10 Dec 2017

Breakfast of champions - two hours of hand picked tunes, news highlights, and from 95bFM Drive with Jon & Big Hungry, the winner of the Summer Splore Prize Pack! Presented by Angus Thunder.  

Sunday Best: 3 December, 2017.

Sunday Best, 3 December 2017 .mp3 mp3, 218.86 MB
Sun 3 Dec 2017

Still going from last night,  Angus Thunder brings you a particularly weekend inspired selection of tunes, including a wee nod to the brilliant Andrew Wetherall. Plus regular Sunday Best news feature This Weeks Bits. 

Sunday Best, 26 November 2017.mp3 mp3, 217.49 MB
Sun 26 Nov 2017

Angus Thunder brings you discussion on the week that was - including News highlights This Weeks Bits, banter from the weekend, gig guide and a fine selection of music to get your Sunday going. 

Sunday Best 19 November 2017

Sunday Best, 19 November 2017.mp3 mp3, 238.49 MB
Sun 19 Nov 2017

Angus Thunder brings you a couple of hours of hand picked tracks and This Weeks Bits, highlights from the week that was in the 95bFM News and Editorial Department. 

Sunday Best: 5 November, 2017.

Sunday Best, 5 November 2017.mp3 mp3, 220.69 MB
Sun 5 Nov 2017

Angus Thunder brings you two hours of choice cuts, This Weeks Bits and now the 95bFM Entertainment Guide every Sunday morning at 1030.