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Border Radio

Bernie Griffen, Kirsten Warner or Deputy Paul bring you a piece of American Country and Blues each week. Border Radio... it’s the tear in your beer, it’s the whisky grit, it’s Border Radio.

Border Radio with Bernie Griffen

Border_Radio__180819_1900.mp3 mp3, 221.53 MB
Sun 18 Aug 2019

We paid our respects to the passing of Peter Fonda and the Easy Rider generation...... !

Boarder Radio with Bernie Griffen

Boarder Radio with Bernie Griffen Boarder Radio with Bernie Griffen, 219.93 MB
Sun 11 Aug 2019

Border radio with Bernie Griffen

Border_Radio__040819_1900.mp3 mp3, 224.98 MB
Sun 4 Aug 2019

Bernie talks to Festus Mcboyle abou the risky lifestyle of a pirate entertaining young kids. Maximum hilarity to follow. The show was on fo free from 12pm at The Irish Club, Rocky Nook Road, Fowlds Park , Saturday 10th August also featuring the Irih Dancers abd Bernie Griffen and the Thin Men. bring a can for people in need...

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 28 July 2019 Border Radio, 28 July 2019 , 200.49 MB
Sun 28 Jul 2019

Special guests, a few old and a few new favorites. Louis Jarlov and The Lonesome pop in and play a handful of their songs promoting a set at Cupid Bar this coming Friday at 'Hot and Still Heatin!' - and DJ Miss Dom spins a few to give you further an idea of the flavour that evening will have. Meantime, there's some Vietnam War amongst the old favorites and some Johnny Mile and The Kilometres to keep it fresh. Also brand new Slow Motion Cowboy with a song that's on high rotate in my car and new old vinyl of Warren Zevon and David Lindley back to back. And Sarah Shook and The Disarmers because I haven't heard 'Fuck up' for ages.

Border Radio with Bernie Griffen

Copy of Border_Radio__210719_1900.mp3 mp3, 222.71 MB
Sun 21 Jul 2019

Interviewing Albi and the Wolves on the eve of the release of their first album. They played a couple of tunes and expressed themselves with humour and harmony. The album is released on Friday 26th July. Their first show in Auckland will be at the Americana Fest in September. 

Border Radio With Bernie Griffen

Border_Radio__070719_1900.mp3 mp3, 222.01 MB
Sat 6 Jul 2019

A smattering of Cowpunk mixed with Bob Dylan covers. Filthy talk from Holly Golightly!

Border Radio: June 23, 2019

Border Radio: June 23, 2019 Border Radio: June 23, 2019, 219.38 MB
Sun 23 Jun 2019

Border Radio Plays Voodoo . RIP Dr John

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 16 June, 2019 Border Radio, 16 June, 2019, 221.92 MB
Sun 16 Jun 2019

Plenty of variety on the show this week, starts off with some oldies, JJ Cale, Michelle Shocked & Dwight Yoakam. Then into The Hacks, White Owl Red and Sleepy Eyes Nelson. Some interesting quite sleazy blues from Israel with Noya Sol, the fantastically dark and lonely Doc Feldman and The LD50 and a cool band called Late Night TV. Went for a rummage through station vinyl and found a Lone Justice LP and a Jason & The Scorchers EP - and unfortunately played them. Some parts of the '80's have not travelled well in this genre! Meanwhile back in the present century, locals Kendal Ellise & Emily Fairlight. A pretty groovy outing in spanish with Gatomajodo. Some Old '97's, Johnny Miles and The Kilometres , Slow Motion Cowboys then back into the station vinyl for The Triffids(!), live recordings of Marlon, Townes and Social Distirtion before returning to the station vinyl which redeemed itself with the very interesting Warumpi Band from Northern Territory Australia. There's more too of course.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, June 9, 2019 Border Radio, June 9, 2019 , 224.82 MB
Sun 9 Jun 2019

Pretty casual approach this week, no rhyme or reason just The Budrows, The Weakerthans, 4 Gun Ridge, The Heavy Horses. Barry Saunders and Delaney Davidson, Kendal Ellise, The Echo Oh's, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Little Feat and a heap more including a test pilot for a show that's all double-barrelled first names, Emmy Lou Harris, Mary Lou Lord and Jessica Lee Wilkes...listen to this space.