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Debby Friday - I Got It

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Border Radio

Bernie Griffen, Kirsten Warner or Deputy Paul bring you a piece of American Country and Blues each week. Border Radio... it’s the tear in your beer, it’s the whisky grit, it’s Border Radio.

Border Radio 3rd March 2024

Border_Radio__030324_1900.mp3 mp3, 218.01 MB
Sun 3 Mar 2024

Kirsten's in the studio

Border Radio With Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 25th February, 2024 Border Radio, 25th February, 2024, 222.76 MB
Sun 25 Feb 2024

Neil and James and the old pals like Dwight and Townes as well as new buddies, Sammy & Colby, also, popping a listeners Drive By Truckers cherry by special request. He dug it.  

Border Radio with Kirsten, 18th February 2024

Border_Radio__180224_1900.mp3 mp3, 219.05 MB
Sun 18 Feb 2024

Thanks for Richard Laing for suggestions for the great women artists.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 4th February, 2024 Border Radio, 4th February, 2024, 217.4 MB
Sun 4 Feb 2024

Old. New. Medium. Etc.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 28 January, 2024 Border Radio, 28 January, 2024, 220.65 MB
Sun 28 Jan 2024

First time back in teh saddle for a bit - some classic oldies, like On The Beach, but also a bunch of fresh as brand new tunes from upcoming albums by Waxahatchee, ISMAY, the quite awesome Chatham County Line, Sarah Jarosz and more. Also, a few tracks off Calexico's Feast of Wire to get you a long to the show in a couple of weeks.


Border Radio with Deputy Louis Jarlov

Border Radio with Deputy Louis Jarlov Border Radio with Deputy Louis Jarlov, 221.96 MB
Sun 21 Jan 2024

First show with new Deputy Louis Jarlov behind the desk solo.

Border Radio with Kirsten and Louis 14 January 2024

Border_Radio__140124_1900.mp3 mp3, 221.39 MB
Sun 14 Jan 2024

Deputies Kirsten and Louis in the studio.

Border Radio with Kirsten Warner, Paul Taylor, Louis Jarlov

Border_Radio__070124_1900.mp3 mp3, 220.99 MB
Sun 7 Jan 2024

Three deputies in the studio.

Border Radio with Kirsten Warner and Angela Griffen

Border_Radio__241223_1900.mp3 mp3, 220.67 MB
Sun 24 Dec 2023

Kirsten with guest Angela Griffen playing music for Bernard Griffen.

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border radio, 17th December 2023 Border radio, 17th December 2023, 220.94 MB
Sun 17 Dec 2023

More CD Roulette ! Crash ! Burn ! A show featuring only songs with the word Love in the title, just for amusement and 'cos we always need some love.