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The Wire w/ Stella 15 June

The Wire w/ Stella 15 June

The Wire w/ Stella 15 June The Wire w/ Stella 15 June, 132.31 MB
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Welcome to another week of The Wire with Stella Huggins!

This week, the Tomorrow’s World segment makes a special guest appearance on the Wednesday Wire. This week Stella and Isla give us an 11 minute degree on genetics with Dr Anna Santure.

Alex speaks with ACT party deputy leader Brooke Van Velden about Fair Pay Agreements and ACT’s response to increasing gang violence. 

Stella speaks to Cathy Nottingham, a PhD candidate at the University of Auckland about her recently published research on feral cat roaming distances.

Eurovision returns with an update on the war in Ukraine, Boris Johnson’s survival through a vote of no confidence, the Northern Ireland Protocol bill, the UK looking to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, and much more. European correspondant Cameron Mulgan chats to Frances.

Finally, Stella speaks to Debra Ashton, SAFE's CEO, about a recent drowning of livestock during a live export off the coast of Sudan.