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The Wire w/ Stella 1 June

The Wire w/ Stella: June 1, 2022

The Wire w/ Stella 1 June The Wire w/ Stella 1 June, 125.48 MB
Wednesday, June 1, 2022

On this week's Wednesday show, Stella starts off chatting to advocate Abbey Trewavas from APEX, allied scientific and technical about the document of crisis delivered to government about lab workers. They also touch on the future of the profession, given a generation of lab work students didn't get comprehensive access to labs during lockdowns. 

Alex talks to ACT's Brooke Van Velden in their weekly catch up. This week, they cover China’s new cooperation agreements in the Pacific. 

Stella talks to the Green Party's Ricardo Menéndez March about the government's actions on the supermarket duopoly. 

Finally, Frances speaks with European correspondent Cameron Mulgan on Eurovision, this week covering the war in Ukraine, the EU's Russian oil embargo passed late last night, Sue Grey's report on the Partygate scandal and nine euro per month public transport in Germany.