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The Tuesday Wire; December 3, 2019

The Tuesday Wire; December 3, 2019

The Tuesday Wire; December 3, 2019 The Tuesday Wire; December 3, 2019, 106.16 MB
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Good afternoon and welcome to The Wire podcast for Rātū Tuesday, the 3rd of December, Hakihea.  

On today's show we had; 

Lillian Hanly, who was waiting for the bus along Symonds St last month when she came across some phantom billsticker panels with comics in them. They were very easily recognised as Toby Morris comics who Lillian is a fan of. As she had plenty of time waiting for the bus she had a read of it. Turns out it was actually a story about the way young people with access needs experience the city, and the information had come from research done by Massey University. Karen Witten is a Professor of Public Health at Massey University and her email was on the final panel. Lillian reached out to her to find out more.

This week on Green Desk, Mitch speaks Cawthron Institue’s Dr Susie Wood who is leading
the Lakes380 Project. Currently Lakes380 is the largest undertaking of data collection on
Lakes done in New Zealand possibly the world, making use of the best technology in the
world. Mitchell and Susie discuss the scale of the project and the processes involved with
such a large undertaking. To being Mitch asks Susie to explain what Lakes380 is.

We also talked to Splice's Gareth Fa about creating space for intercultural dialogues and interactions. We also talk about the upcoming Global Active Citizens Annual Marketplace on December 12th and all the work that has gone into it. 

We also spoke to Simplicity Kiwisaver fund about their release of what we believe is Aotearoa's first Te Reo Māori Kiwisaver document. We touched on the document itself, as well as the road to its creation and the interactions between the finance world and Te Ao Māori. 

Thank you to every one who spoke to us today.