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Platos Retreat 3 August 2019

Plato's Retreat 3 August 2019

Platos Retreat 3 August 2019 Platos Retreat 3 August 2019, 333.96 MB
Saturday, August 3, 2019

Crikey me old mucker! Kris and Rob bring you another edition of Ye Ol' Plato's Retreat.

After initially bowing to audience pressure to play a song that Kris did not want to play, the boys were repaid in kind by some lovely words of support from the listenership. 

Pearl pops in to find the studio cheese-less, but luckily there is still beer thanks to 16 Tun and the very special guest beer reviewer Celia. 

And of course there are the regular SPORTS and EMMERDALE bulletins to keep you updated on those fronts.