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The 95bFM Kids' Show - 17 June 2018

Kids_Show_170618.mp3 mp3, 221.16 MB
Sunday, June 17, 2018

Blueberry cake!!

Eddie Spaghetti - Wake Up, Wake Up
Levity Beet & Daniel Stryczek - There's One in the Bush
Cy Winstanley - Marley Sitting on a Pumpkin Seed
Itty Bitty Beats - Florence the Flamingo
Anika Moa - Chop Chop Hiyaaa!
Ruth Krauss - The Carrot Seed
Mike Phirman - Cat Cat Frog Frog
John Williamson - Old Man Emu
Marshall Cavendish - The Pied Piper of Hamlyn
Craig Smith - Scariest Thing In The Garden
Captain Festus McBoyle - Moolah
Ron Valente - Frog Song
Fleabite - Liver Lover
Alan Gregg - Elevator Up, Elevator Down
Alma Cogan - In the Middle of the House
Stan Freberg - St. George & The Dragonet