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Hand Habits - Just to Hear You feat. Perfume Genius

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Dirtbag Radio 30 March 2020.mp3

Dirtbag Radio 30 March 2020

Dirtbag Radio 30 March 2020.mp3 mp3, 213.12 MB
Monday, March 30, 2020

Rapley broadcasts from Isolation!

feat selections from:

Drew “Sick Thoughts” Owen
Frankie Vanian
Dr Karl Steven
No Class James
Stink Magnetic
Dion Lunadon
Johnny Watkins
Grant Sheridan & Sam Wrightson
Mr Slackjaw


Canned Heat - My Mistake
Sanford Clark - They Call Me Country
Box Of Fish - Sex Cat Killer
LSD - Karen Nash
BBQT - Savage
Crazy & The Brains - I Don’t Deliver Pizza Anymore
The Flytraps - Cat Tongue
Dick Dale - Bandito
Snapped Ankles - Dial The Rings On A Tree
Chain & The Gang - Certain Kinds Of Trash
The Bludgers - Friday Night
Coloured Balls - Won’t You Make Up Your Mind
The Atlantics - Mirage
The Ventures - The Swingin Creeper
Uranium Club - Two Things At Once (Part 1)
Gnarcissists - Fentanyl
Black Tomb - Eyes At Midnight
Feature - Psalms
Suicidal Tendencies - What Else Could I Do
Tenement Rats - Crime Pays
Tenement Rats - Pathomania
Tenement Rats - Balaclava (Demo)
Lubricated Goat - Jason The Unpopular
The Dogs - X-Ray Me Baby
Chaotic Dischord - Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You
Bored! - Out Of Time
Chrome Cranks - Cool As Ice (Suicide Cover)
Tape Wolves - Mysterio