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PollyHill & Samara Alofa - QUEERBAIT

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Dirtbag Radio 27 April 2020.mp3

Dirbag Radio 27 April 2020

Dirtbag Radio 27 April 2020.mp3 mp3, 257.11 MB
Monday, April 27, 2020

Rapley Broadcasts From Isolation Week 5

feat selections from

 Pete Menchetti (Slovenly Recordings)
 Sean Bohrman (Burger Records)
 Ryan Leach      (Spacecase Records)
 Norm              (Dum Dum Boys, Henchmen, Reptiles At Dawn)
Toody Cole      (Dead Moon, The Rats, Pierced Arrows)


Black Time - Girls In The Garage
Green/Blue - With That Face
Uranium Club - Sun Belt
Total Rejects - I Hate
Puppy & The Handjobs - Plan 9
Blacktop - Blacktop (Intro)
The Peace - Get On The Way
The Zeros - Don’t Take Any Chances
Die Group - Patient Zero
Thelma & The Sleeze - Penut Butter
Timmy Vulgar - Exile In Virusville
Free Weed - Stay At Home
Tenement Rats - $hit Tickets
Craig Brown - No Way Out
Meelt - Copia Fiel
Roy Montgomery - Used To
And Band - Home On The Range
Unda Fluxit - American Dream
Straight Arrows - Out And Down
Bloodbags - Elder Statesmen
Axemen - Doctor’s On Speed Dial
Henchmen - Metro Blues
Reptiles At Dawn - Newborn Dogs
Backstage Express - Star
Wilson Picket - Mustang Sally
Sticky Filth - Sparticus
Dead Moon - Castaways
The Rats - Tactics Plan