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Cheb Tahar - Zina Zina

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Dirtbag Radio 18 May 2020.mp3

Dirtbag Radio 18 May 2020

Dirtbag Radio 18 May 2020.mp3 mp3, 214.33 MB
Monday, May 18, 2020


Reptiles At Dawn - We've Come To Play
Solid Gold Hell - Sugar Bag
The Johnnies - Govt Don't Care
The Aesthetics - 20
The Music Convention - Belly Bored Beat
The Raw Nerves - I'm Disgusting
Androidss - Mr Fish
Las Tetas - Estrangers
I Drink Your Blood! - Evading The Devine Philistine
The Body Electric - Pulsing
The Warners - Poke Your Eyes Out
Hi Tone Destroyers - No Way Son
The Blue Bloods - Slut On Junk
Brother Love & The Homebacon Gang - Open Sky
Desperate Measures - Death Wish
Snapper - Killzone 44
Magic Factory - Sorry For You Loss
Flesh Device - Hamburger II
The Cavemen - Satan Is Her Name
Mutation - Thick Hair Protrudes & Bursts Through Wet Skin
Drax - Back To The Lair
DHDFD's - Pessimist
Vincent H.L. - Golden Sun