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The Chills - Rolling Moon

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Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday November 24, 2018.

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday November 24, 2018.

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday November 24, 2018. , 292.03 MB
Saturday, November 24, 2018

In Hour 1 we welcome Frank Bretschneider who was raised in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz) in the German Democratic Republic. He is the founder of the influential East German underground band AG. Geige and co-founder of the prestigious Raster-Noton label. He lives as a musician, video artist and producer in Berlin. He had this to say about his mix;
"The mix is to promote the SICHTEN 1 album I had the honor to compile, so it contains mainly the music of the artists represented there on. But instead to just repeat the tracks from SICHTEN, I thought to chose new, partly unreleased material as far as available: the title track of Zavoloka’s brand new PROMENI album, new material by Benjamin Brunn, two tracks from Warnecke’s 2016 album COMPUTERMUSIK EINS (FÜR DIE OHREN), and some collaborative work by Retina.It.
The mix includes as well two tracks by raster label mates Island People, resp. AtomTM (in its ’94 incarnation Lassigue Bendthaus), plus some music I enjoyed recently.
Hope you enjoy too."

In Hour 2 it's Graham Van Pelt who recently released 'Time Travel', his first record in the four years since he moved from Montreal to Toronto, and he’s no longer Miracle Fortress, or Inside Touch, or any of the aliases he’s used to record over the years. He’s just Graham Van Pelt. He told us;
"This mix includes some of the tracks I turned to for inspiration while I getting my new record ready, as well as some other vibes I've been feeling more recently.  Larry Heard and Ben Cenac(Dream 2 Science) are the producers I've been most inspired by while working on tracks over the past couple years, while labels like Sounds Of Beaubien West, Rush Hour and ASL Singles Club have been keeping things fresh and fun in my world.  I think this mix spans a lot of my tastes both old and new and gives a good sense of my moody headspace of late."

Hour 1 - Frank Bretschneider:

Framework 12 - Mads Emil Nielsen
Love Control feat. HPRIZM - MimiCof
Pet Peg Step - Benjamin Brunn
Stream 08 (Diebs for Kane Remix) - Dieb
Jove Layup - Lee Gamble
ZeroZero31 - Julia Govor
Logicmix - Retina.It + Komet
Promeni - Zavoloka
Spark - MimiCof
Frank Bretschneider
Stroboscopic Tricks - Pierce Warnecke
Open Circle - Håkan Lidbo
Space Swamp - Badun
Smog (feat. AKN) - YPY
So Much Love - Farben
Avenza - Svreca &
Right\Shit - Soul Center
Titel 09 - Bretschneider & Brunn
Waterway - Island People
I'm Slowly Morphing - Lassigue Bendthaus
Resplendent Response - Pierce Warnecke

Hour 2 - Graham Van Pelt:

My Love Turns To Liquid - Dream 2 Science
Mercurian Funk - Larry Heard
Just A Test - Ken Gill
Romantic Comedy - Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap
System Defender - Villa Abo
Soul Of A Man - Gene Tellem
How RU Plush feat. Regularfantasy - D. Tiffany 
Analog Love - The Godson
All My love Is "Free" - Jump Source
Finedrawn Overcast - Electric Sound 
Azure Lagoon - Seb W & Phil B
Double Dribble - Chaos In The CBD
Endless Flight - The It