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Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday November 10, 2018.

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday November 10, 2018.

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday November 10, 2018. , 327.98 MB
Saturday, November 10, 2018

 This week we welcome Manchester native Ruf Dug to Solid Steel, owner of the appointment-only record store Hi Tackle and label-boss of Ruf Kutz. His releases have also appeared on labels like Unknown To The Unknown, Music For Dreams, Klasse Wrecks and Tusk Wax. With music from Omar-S, Martini Bros, DJ Duke and John Tejada in his mix, he told us;
"I recorded this mix at my studio on a Tuesday morning - it’s 100% vinyl for no other reason than I couldn’t get into the room with the CDJs in it (must improve biometric hacking techniques). I figured well fuck it then I’ll just play out of my bag like it’s a gig.
My record bag is a continual work in progress; I very rarely empty it out and start over so it’s constantly evolving - some things haven’t left literally for years. I just did a reasonably large refresh after the festivals so it’s a little newer to me than normal.
The mix was gonna be longer but the Glowing Palms tune ended sooner than I expected and it seemed like a good point to stop; sometimes u gotta let fate make the big decisions.
Biggups mashups & minimal, the world is ready to forgive u. All my love to my incredibly understanding wife Louise, my beautiful son Larry and my beautiful home Manchester."

In Hour 2 it's Brame & Hamo from Sligo, Ireland and currently based in Berlin, who have expertly produced some of the most effortless house music of the last few years via their first imprint Splendor & Squalour. In 2017 they launched their eponymous second label with the Trants EP to critical acclaim. Their latest EP “Celebrity Impersonator” came out last month and they had this to say about their mix;
"It has been ages since we have put out a mix, and it’s a pleasure to join the Solid Steel series as it is one of our favorites and has shaped who we are as artists. This is a good account of the tunes and style we play when we are out at a gig. It features a few rare gems, and some unreleased but forthcoming productions of ours. We hope you enjoy!”

San Pellegrino - Kaschiel
One Step Ahead (MAW Mix) - Debbie Gibson
I Was Tired Of Being Alone - Klodya
Less Pain - Omar-S

Nativtonguetwisterhood - MB
Critical Ebb - Intelligent Communication
Butter Up (Inst) - Elektrik Dred
Hot - Martini Bros
Tribal Journey - DJ Duke 
Mind Bend - John Tejada
Core - Nagual
Your Love - Jackmaster Hater 
Murder Weapon - Sugar Minott
Mighty In Battle - TNT Roots

For Real - M-Dubs

My Caesar - Mark Seven
Love - Reggie Dokes
Good Girls - Designer Music
Equitoreal Dubtribe - Sound System
Saturday - Unknown
Getting There - Glowing Palms