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DARIAN JABURG - Low Rider (Original Mix)

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Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday February 17, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday February 17, 2018

Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday February 17, 2018 Coldcut Solid Steel: Saturday February 17, 2018, 217.64 MB
Saturday, February 17, 2018

Our guest in Hour 1 is Answer Code Request ahead of the release of his new album 'Gens' which is out next week on Ostgut Ton. For the Berghain resident, this is his follow up to his celebrated debut LP 'Code' from 2014 and you can catch him playing tonight at index, Dublin, 17th Feb at Fabric London and the album release party at Berghain on 24th Feb. He told us: "With this mix I explore opposing musical poles that I gravitate towards as a DJ and producer – but even more so as a listener. Namely, abstract electronic pieces on the one hand and more obviously rhythm-based tracks on the other. I’ve included music classic and new, all of which however shares a certain state of mind, a feeling of distance, restlessness and isolation. The first 40 minutes wander through ambient and experimental music textures, eventually moving toward more club-friendly vistas, broken beats, dubstep, electro and techno, and including the occasional uplifting track. Having long had a soft spot for UK hardcore outgrowths and related club sounds, I also hoped to show with this selection what I see as a broader bass music continuum, one which includes producers outside of the UK. Finally, this mix was recorded at home after several sketches made on the road during my album live tour. It's been a pleasure to compile for a series as pioneering as this one."

In Hour 2 we welcome J.G.Biberkopf whose music spans club, theatre and digital radio contexts. His debut EP, titled 'Ecologies', launched the new Knives label created by Kuedo and Joe Shakespeare of Berlin’s Motto Books. From cyber ambience and slamming rhythmic constructions, to instant trails of web-filtered grime and beatless studies of net phenomenology, Biberkopf’s first release was intended as a field trip into the representations of nature that emerge from the social media scape. A follow-up recording, the full-length Ecologies II: Ecosystems Of Excess, was released in 2016 and his last release 'Fountain of Meaning' was out via Aisha Devi’s Danse Noire label, on the 8th December, which includes a collaboration with Devi herself on the track ‘The Illusion Of Solidarity’.