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Border Radio, 12th May, 2019

Border Radio with Deputy Paul

Border Radio, 12th May, 2019 Border Radio, 12th May, 2019, 221.06 MB
Sunday, May 12, 2019

From 1970 - 2019, Papakura to Arizona. Classics and brand new tunes from right next door and far away. A handful of tunes off Kendall Elise's brand new 'Red Earth'. Also featuring our new buddies in Phoenix, The Felons and Shadowcaster.  Classic Neil Young, brand new Delaney Davidson and Barry Saunders, Norah Jones doing Hank Williams, Miley Cyrus doing Dolly, desert psych from Dirtwire, a little darkness from The Walking Dead Soundtrack and even some surprises from Voom and Talking Heads. Because we can.