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MP3 Breakfast Friday July 29, 2016

MP3, 0m00s, 326.1MB, first broadcast 29 July 2016

Today on the Breakfast show we have an interview with Spawtzzz and the usual Travelling Tunes, Brothers Beer Tip Jar! PERMALINK

MP3 Interview: Spawtzzz

MP3, 0m00s, 15.6MB, first broadcast 29 July 2016

Max chats with Isaac and Keiran from Spawtzzz about their new EP, out today and available on bandcamp now! PERMALINK

MP3 Madman DVD Review with Maria Walls: 45 Years!

MP3, 0m00s, 6.4MB, first broadcast 27 July 2016


MP3 Interview: Len Brown

MP3, 0m00s, 21.3MB, first broadcast 27 July 2016

Max and Vince talk to Auckland Mayor Len Brown about the Unitary Plan PERMALINK

MP3 Breakfast Tuesday July 26 2016

MP3, 0m00s, 159.3MB, first broadcast 26 July 2016

Whats a Tuesday morning without Max & Vince? No one knows because no one is foolish enough to attempt it! Turn it on and aural delights will ensue PERMALINK

MP3 Breakfast Monday July 25 2016

MP3, 0m00s, 157.5MB, first broadcast 25 July 2016

Let Max & Vince be your lubricant and let them ease you on into the week. The Greens are in, Screenshots are fired, the reads get loose and Ange gets natural with us....What… READ MORE

MP3 Breakfast Friday July 22, 2016

MP3, 0m00s, 325.9MB, first broadcast 22 July 2016

Today Max and Vince bring you a packed out show! We had the usual Travelling Tunes and Brothers Beer Tip Jar along with Taylor, Yoko-Zuna and Tourettes. PERMALINK

MP3 Interivew: Tourettes

MP3, 0m00s, 12.9MB, first broadcast 22 July 2016

Tourettes aka Dominic Hoey joins Max and Vince in the studio to have a chin-wag and talk about his new video. PERMALINK

MP3 Interivew: The Experiment 2016

MP3, 0m00s, 15.9MB, first broadcast 22 July 2016

Max and Vince are joined in the studio by Taylor to talk The Experiment 2016, a music and arts festival on at Galatos tonight. Yoko-Zuna are also present (at the festival and… READ MORE

MP3 Sampling with Seamus

MP3, 0m00s, 13.1MB, first broadcast 21 July 2016

Seamus comes in with fantastic new segment analysing songs and showing how samples were used to create them. This week Seamus breaks down De La Soul classic 'I Know' and shows us… READ MORE

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