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Marlon Williams - Slipping Away (Max Merritt & The Meteors) [Live at 95bFM - 30/11/18]

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Graveyard with Ghost DJs

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Joe Biden - Intro/Natural Born Killer
Boot Rot - Hungry Ghost
Pain Boys - Satan Spawn
Prowler - Suburban Lurk
Youth Avoiders - Ghostland
Bobby Sox - Learn to hate in the 80's
Rubber - Prove Your Body Pt. 1 and 2
Sect Mark - Nipples
No Approach - Get Out Of My Way
RALF - Brainless
GAZM - Livin' Like I Wanna
Lord Rot - Flowers of Flesh and Blood
Throat - Pressure
Thanatomorphose - Genetic Dissonance
Mass Grave - RCMPIG
Unholy Grave - Confession
Big Boss - Two-faced
Reptiliods - Сладкий Делирий Любовного Голода
Sete Star Sept - Wristwatch Type Equipment
Sete Star Sept - Eternal Question
See Star Sept - Imitation Which Looks Real
Margaret Thrasher - Hell No We Won't Go
Pube - Back Street Boys
Headless Death - Thrash And Blow Up
Bummer - Harshmallow
Bummer - Hoppy Horse (Burrito Man)
Bummer - What you lack in personality, you make up for with a great sense of style
Bummer - Methhaus
Bummer - Rad dad
Bummer - Sad dad
Rot - Foetal Eschatology
Techie Blood - Demo
Maggut - Into The Gore
Demonic Forest - The Triumphant Throne Of The King
Chemical Imbalance - Bad Advice
Cruelster - Terminal Windmal
Goosebumps - Mad Problems
Foothair - Cool Runnings
Innumerable Forms - Petrified
CUM - Everybody Fucks
Faitheater - Extintion
The Hussy - Undefined
Internal Rot - Chalk Tooth
Jahlia - 666 Stupidity
Lunchmeat - Under The Glare
Nomad - Shi-Ne
The Observers - Symbols, Slogans, Lies
Semper Eadem - Price To Pay