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Dirtbag Radio with Rapley

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Dead Moon - You Must Be A Witch
Dead Moon - Dead Moon Night
Dead Moon - Don't Burn The Fires
Dead Moon - Johnny's Got A Gun
Dead Moon - Down The Road
Dead Moon - Dagger Moon
Dead Moon - D.O.A
Dead Moon - Parchment Farm
Dead Moon - Play With Fire
Dead Moon - Fire In The Western World
Dead Moon - Jane
Dead Moon - Spectacle
Dead Moon - Destination X
Dead Moon - Black September
Dead Moon - Can't Help Falling In Love With You
Dead Moon - 54/40 Or Fight
Dead Moon - Castaway
Dead Moon - Going South
Dead Moon - Ill Of The Dead
Dead Moon - The Animal
Dead Moon - Communication Breakdown
Dead Moon - Dont Burn The Fires
Dead Moon - Pushing Too Hard
Deep Soul Cole - Poverty Shack

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Dirtbag Radio April 02 2018

Dirtbag Radio April 02 2018.mp3 mp3, 209.78 MB
Mon 2 Apr 2018

Dirtbag Radio March 26 2018

Dirtbag Radio March 26 2018.mp3 mp3, 226.89 MB
Mon 26 Mar 2018

Dirtbag Radio 12 March 2018

Dirtbag Radio 12 March 2018.mp3 mp3, 196.19 MB
Mon 12 Mar 2018

Morgana plays some tunes, most of which rule.

Dirtbag Radio 26 Febuary 2018

Dirtbag Radio 26 Febuary 2018.mp3 mp3, 219.36 MB
Mon 26 Feb 2018

Covered by Morgana, quite possibly the least worst show they've ever done...those tunes though! It was a goodun'

Dirtbag Radio March 19 2018

Dirtbag Radio February 19 2018.mp3 mp3, 223.65 MB
Mon 19 Feb 2018

This week Rapley is joined by Dion Palmer and Andrew Tolley for a night of spinning some of their favourite tracks and yarns.

***Fun trainspotting game alert*** go through and meticulously compare the show audio with the playlist notes and if you find any discrepancys quietly write them down and be smug - you win!!

Dirtbag Radio: February 12 2018

Dirtbag Radio February 12 2018.mp3 mp3, 216.27 MB
Mon 12 Feb 2018

Dirtbag Radio February 05 2018

Dirtbag Radio February 05 2018.mp3 mp3, 216.06 MB
Mon 5 Feb 2018

This week Rapley submits to txt machine pressure and plays "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Mötley Crüe...

Dirtbag Radio January 22 2018

Dirtbag Radio January 22 2018.mp3 mp3, 218 MB
Mon 22 Jan 2018

Dirtbag Radio January 15 2018

Dirtbag Radio January 15 2018.mp3 mp3, 217.92 MB
Mon 15 Jan 2018

Tonight Rapley is joined by DJ Raw Chicken for some a noisey garage punk vinyl goodtime!

Dirtbag Radio: January 08, 2018

Dirtbag Radio January 8 2018.mp3 mp3, 208.46 MB
Mon 8 Jan 2018