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Simplicity bCard FAQs

Hey there bud, what’s on your mind? Looks like you’ve got some questions. Well, take a load off, we’ve got all the answers you need right here.


How do I change my credit card?

NB: your credit card details are held by Payment Express, not 95bFM

  • Log in to your bCard at
  • Click ‘Sign up for a Simplicity bCard’ and
  • Scroll down, select your tier, and click ‘Subscribe’
  • You will be taken to the sign up page where your details will be pre-filled
  • Scroll down, click ‘Sign up now’
  • You will be taken to Payment Express where you can update your credit card details


How do I update my details?


Will I get a physical bCard?

  • No, the Simplicity bCard is online-only


How do I cancel my bCard?


How can I reset my password?


Can I change bCard tiers?

You will need to cancel your current bCard, and sign up again at your preferred tier


Still curious? For any other questions, chuck us an email at