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Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Faded In The Morning

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Set lists

Joe Thomas - Thank You
Daniele Baldelli - Kata Sandi
Kraak & Smaak - Sommeron feat. imugi 이무기
The Brand New Heavies - It's Gettin Hectic
TOOMS - Greatest Hits
Pitch Black - It's All Real
Contenders - The Heat
Teddybears - Cobra Style
Scizzorhands - Money In, Money Out feat. Diggy Dupe
The D4 - Sake Bomb
New Order - Love Vigilantes (2005 version)
Maricopa (Daniel T Remix) - Ascent
Vivian Girls - All Your Promises
The Stone Roses - Shoot You Down (Soul Hooligan Remix)
Eartheater - Fontanel
Tame Impala - Disciple
The Datsuns - MF From Hell
Gang Starr - The Militia (Featuring Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx)
SoccerPractise - Te Pō
The Phoenix Foundation - 40 Years
DMX - We Right Here
Happy Mondays - Step On
Deerhunter - Desire Lines
Simple Symmetry - Kalimba
Darcy Clay - All I Gotta Do
Naran Ratan - Forevertime Journeys
Hachiku - Shark Attack
Maika Loubte, New Optimism - Snappp
Tricky - Black Steel
Teebs - Daughter Callin' feat. Pink Siifu
Robert Maxwell - Sequoia
Arthur Russell - You Did It Yourself
Chuck Senrick - Don't Be so Nice
Jonathan Bree - Cover Your Eyes
Dinamarca - Fantasilandia
SPAWTS - Piss in the Wind
The Desert Sessions - I Wanna Make It Wit Chu
Louisa Nicklin - The Residue
Jenny Hval - Lions feat. Vivian Wang
Michael Kiwanuka - Hard To Say Goodbye
The Hygrades - Rough Rider
Dead Famous People - Looking At Girls
Guerilla Toss - Land Where Money's Nightmare Lives
Shushu, Vebe Suprada - My Crown
machìna - floating still
Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar
79.5 - Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub) - Bonus Track
Corridor - Goldie
Jennifer Vanilla, AceMo - Erase The Time (AceMo Remix)

Today on your bFM Breakfast: the news is increasingly heckers; Rick Breeze is in two places at once; Dr. Bryce on Winnie-the-Litigious; Leisha's made her own strawberry milk; Troy's brought in some excellent, all vinyl, goodies; and Amelia's not allowed to be salacious, but apparently Sarah is. Sorry. 

Kraak & Smaak - Sommeron feat. imugi 이무기
Jenny Hval, Vivian Wang, Laura Jean - Six Red Cannas
Amamelia - Drop It Low
Jamila Woods - OCTAVIA
Nightmares On Wax - Gotta Smile [Folamour Remix] [Edit]
Vivian Girls - All Your Promises
WIVES - Whatevr
Pixies - Monkey Gone to Heaven
SoccerPractise - Te Pō
Cool Sounds - Digi Dog
CHAII - South
Dead Little Penny - Honeycomb
Robyn, Yaeji - Beach2k20- Yaeji
Sports Dreams - SD3
Automatic - Calling It
OPOSSOM - Cola Elixir
Erykah Badu - Window Seat
Free Kitten - Never Gonna Sleep
Scizzorhands - Money In, Money Out feat. Diggy Dupe
clipping. - Blood of the Fang
Golden Grrrls - New Pop
Sleaford Mods - Tweet Tweet Tweet
Pavlov's Puss - Come To A Show
Jarvis Cocker - Looking For The Girl
SPOOKYSOFT - Lost in the Woods
Heretic - Lost Amongst The Wake
Trepidations - You Can Never Be Sure
Yosiah - Anastasiia
Bacchus - Losing Myself
YOLK - Summertime
Hazardville - Chill Bill
worlds yonder - comfortable regrets
Louisa Nicklin - The Residue
Louisa Nicklin - Beautiful Boy
Louisa Nicklin - Pour It Down
Paul.S - Hot Spring
cetx - Revolution radio
The Steak Place - Feel Your Pain
The Spectre Collective - The Floating Limb
bediquette - My Friends
Keeva - Touch Your Buttons
Joe Ghatt - Live in the 95bFM Lounge
Shitripper - Parasite
Lilith - Beach Mum
Knife Wife - Dreamland
The Ophelias - Moon Like Sour Candy
Water From Your Eyes - No Better Now
Church & AP - Hello Hello
JANG - All My Friends Are Cops
Shintaro Sakamoto - You Can Be a Robot, Too
The Orielles - Come Down On Jupiter
PJ Harvey - The Sandman [Demo]
Pelada - Granadilla
Fimo - Sugar Soap
Pavlov's Puss - Come To A Show
Basic Rhythm - Get Up
This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren
SoccerPractise - Te Pō
The Streets - Has It Come To This?
Otha - Tired and Sick
Tawiah - Lost in a Dream
Contenders - The Heat
Dead Famous People - Looking At Girls