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Amelia's Secret: Wednesday November 8, 2017

Claire Hamill - Afternoon in a Wheatfield
Virginia Astley - Tree Top Club
Paul Giovanni - Festival/Mirie it Is/Sumer Is A-Cumen In
The Hit Parade - Huevos Mexicanos
Last Man Down - Night of the Test
Gretna - Newton
scabs - different-4-a-boy
Jonny Yen - Lights On
Phil Garland - When the Rainbird Sings in the Tea Tree
Dave Jordan - The Hills of Coromandel
n.a. - Waiata Aroha by Puhiwahine
Bernard Xolotl - Baroque Refuge
Mistress Mary - Man In The Moon
Vyto B - Tricentennial 2079
Jon Rose - The Mouth with Shopping List
Go-Kart Mozart - Mrs. Back to Front and the Bull Ring Thing
Voice Farm - Seeing is Believing
Culturcide - Love Is A Cattle-Prod
Gil Trythall - Cattle Call
Rusty Spell - I Can't Touch You Anymore
Rusty Spell - If You Don't Cry
Hunky Dory - Noisy, Fun, and Famous
Jr. and his Soulettes - Pop Junior Pop
The Langley Schools Music Project - I Get Around
Palberta - Get Around
Hard Femme - What is Hard Femme
Bad Dream Fancy Dress - The Supremes
Boys Age - Mother's Lullaby
Peter Weatherall - People in my Town
Michael Cole & Michael Jessett - Drawing On Stones
The Carpenters - Invocation
The Barry Gray Orchestra with Gary Miller - Aqua Marina
Cub - Someday