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Simplicity bCard: Sign-up & Log-in

The Simplicity bCard is back!

Head here and be one of the first people to have a fancy new *digital* bCard, thanks to Simplicity. If you've already purchased yours, log in here. Take a screenshot of your bCard or save it to your phone's desktop for use in store, and log-in for access to the online promo codes.

Check out our list of bCard bEnefits, discounts galore from a bunch of absolute legends, and read through what tiers are on offer below:

Tweeter - $4.20 per month:

  • The chance to win rad on air giveaways and enter big grand prize draws
  • Deals and discounts from our corporate buddies
  • Free entry into *exclusive* bFM special events

Squawker - $9.50 per month:

  • All of the above
  • Instant entry into all of our aforementioned big grand prize draws

Woofer - $100 per month:

  • All of the above
  • Your name, link, and logo proudly emblazoned on the “Friends of bFM” webpage

Get in.