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Orcon IRL: Techweek

Techweek 2017 has begun in 23 centres around the motu and we pitched in with a special Orcon IRL at Golden Dawn.

Much of the week, be it in Auckland, Westport, Rotorua or Whangarei, is serious stuff, so we went with scurrilous stories and robust opinions.

Our guests were:

KATIE GRAHAM, founder of Delicious Mint, which helped build the innovative Songbroker website, and the Bitcoin moneybox service MyBitCoinSaver, among other things.

HEATHER GAYE, indie web developer who has done work for everyone from the NZ Olympic Committee and WINZ to SmokeCDs and Currently wrangling data  Web Wonks.

NAT TORKINGTON, builder of New Zealand's first ever website, author of The Perl Cookbook, founder of Foo Camp and player of the banjo.

PAUL BRISLEN, former editor of Computerworld NZ, former CEO of TUANZ and current practioner of independent public relations.

Watch the live stream below.