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Good Things Matter

Here at 95bFM we’ve been doing some research into what things, if any, are good. Jonny said, “The Happy Mondays,” Amelia said, “Do you mean in the neo-Platonic sense?”. And Sigrid and Sarah both said to just “piss right off.” Turns out it’s actually pretty straightforward.

So, we’re celebrating what’s good - living sustainably, looking after the environment, being nice to your nan - with a whole month of good good giveaways from our good good ethical mates. We’re calling it Good Things Matter, and it’s happening all July.


Again Again
THE reusable cup lending system, for convenient takeaway coffee without the landfill.

Ceres Organics
NZ owned for 32+ years. Grocery, health, and beauty products - all GMO free, chemical free, and BioGro Certified. Helping to bring healing to the earth and human kind

Commonsense Organics
The place to go for fresh organic food, fair trade groceries, bulk wholefoods, and natural health remedies.

Craft Homes
Homestar approved practitioners and assessors. Building homes that are healthier, more efficient, and more sustainable.

The world's most sustainable cosmetics company. Palm oil free. Plastic free. Cruelty Free. Vegan.

Good Buzz Kombucha
Never diluted, not from concentrate, and with no stevia or erythritol. ‘True brew’ Booch, from mighty Tauranga.

Raw Nature
Plastic-free, aluminium free, toxic chemical free Dry Shampoo, deodorants & body products.

Thanks to our sponsors