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Jordan Rakei - Nerve (Ross From Friends Remix)

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The Audible World

The Audible World with Andrew, Liam & Duncan

Ethno-musicological finds from all our world with Andrew McLeod, Liam Bowen & Duncan Bruce. A reboot of the classic 95bFM specialist show that aims to share in the grandeur of the world’s music. Utilising an excellent and expanding network of obsessive collector enthusiasts and academic expert special guests, The Audible World focuses on specific regions, countries and cultures for an in-depth listen.

Audible World: August 27, 2017

Audible World: August 27, 2017 Audible World: August 27, 2017, 225.1 MB
Sun 27 Aug 2017

Vera Hall - Boll Weevil Holler
Negro Prison Camp Workers - I Need More Power
Blind Joe Taggart - Gods Gonna Separate The Wheat From The Tares
Leadbelly - Pick A Bail of Cotton
Street Musicician of New Orleans - Leave Gods Moon Alone
Charley Patton - Moon Going Down
Sam McGee - Franklin Blues
Leroy Carr - Low Down Dog Blues
Skip James - Devil Got My Woman
Mississippi Shieks - I've Got Blood In My Eyes For You
Mississippi John Hurt - Frankie
Blind Willie Johnson - Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground
Lightnin' Hopkins - The Moon Is Rising
Big Joe Williams - Baby Please Don't Go
Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy
Bo Diddley - Hey Bo Diddley
Touareg Nomades du Niger - Henne Amhee
Gbaya Musicians - Naa-Bua
Idassane Wallet Mohamed - Aylana
Kunama Musician - Flute Music
Amanar - Ariyalan
Gnawa Musicians of Marrakesh - Toura Toura Tour Kelilah
Moroccan Ensemble & Hāǧǧ Abdelkarim Rais ‎– Naubatu R-rașdi, Mīzānu L-quddāmi (excerpt from Nauba Al-Rașd)
Lole y Manuel - Alquivira (Tangos)
Paco De Lucia - Almoraima
Paco De Lucia - Entre Dos Aguas
Maria Vargas - El Mundo En Mis Manos
Angelilo - Ay Carmela
Unknown Artist - The Phaeng Mah River
Village Musician of Ladakh - "Sur Ce Papier Bleu..."

Audible World: August 20, 2017

Audible World: August 20, 2017 Audible World: August 20, 2017, 219.86 MB
Sun 20 Aug 2017

Omodaka - Hietsuki Bushi
Omodaka - Kokiriko Bushi
Capsule - Tokyo Smiling
Prum Manh - Two Wives Are Twice The Problem
^unknown^ - She Doesn't Need Your Money
Taam Ming Ensemble - Sompougn Klay
Sam-Ang Sam Ensemble - Robaim Chhouy Chhay
Chinese Ancient Music - Vulture catches swan [Pipa solo]
Various - Abyss of Misery [Guanzi-Double Guanzi]
China Film Folk Orchestra - Gazing at the Dresser
Li Xiang-Ting - Dialogue Between The Fisherman and the Woodcutter
Chinese Ancient Music - Fisherman's Song at Dusk [Zheng solo]
Chinese Ancient Music - Yearn for Love [Pipa solo]
Chinese Ancient Music - The Peacocks Fly to the Southeast [Guanzi]
Wang Guotong - Galloping in the Vast Grassland
Chinese Ancient Music - Three Tang melodies: Yipinnong/Xijiangyue/Changshanvyin [Xun & Orchestra]
Alan Dargin and Bloodwood - Trinity
Rosay Mangolamara - Balga: Bush Fish
Jeffery Mangolamara - Moraburr: Whale
Jeffery Mangolamara - Moraburr: Islands in a Line

Audible World: August 13, 2017

Audible World: August 13, 2017 Audible World: August 13, 2017, 224.95 MB
Sun 13 Aug 2017

The Audible World: August 6, 2017

The Audible World: August 6, 2017 The Audible World: August 6, 2017, 223.43 MB
Sun 6 Aug 2017

The Audible World: Sunday, July 30th, 2017

The Audible World: Sunday, July 30th, 2017 The Audible World: Sunday, July 30th, 2017, 220.69 MB
Sun 30 Jul 2017

The Audible World Sunday July 23 2017

final_230717_2100.mp3 mp3, 110.48 MB
Sun 23 Jul 2017

Hazel Nuts Chocolate - Wild Wild Summer
Mito Natsume - Fuusen to Hari
Capsule - Call Me Call Me
Hazel Nuts Chocolate - Swing Life
YMCK and Dede Mouse - Downtown
Tropico Q - Welcome To The Jungle
Macdonald Duck Eclair - The Yellow Go
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - Sneaker Song!
Melting Holidays - Pavement
EeL - Marche
Eel - If It's Fake
Mito Natsume - I'll Do My Best
Seiko Oomori - Pictures at an Exhibition
Satsuma Biiwa - Fan style (from this time Buddhism to pray)
Japanese Traditional Music - Gagaku - Seigaiha
Sukeyasu Shiba/Reigakusha - Bugaku: Shunnoden Ichigu: IV. Satto
Kyoto Imperial Court Music Orchestra - Manzairaku
Tokyo Gakuso - Nasori 2 Tokyoku Ha (Komagaku)
Nippon Gagaku Kai - Bairo
Toru Takemitsu - Strophe for Gagaku Orchestra

Audible World: July 9, 2017

The Audible world: Sunday, July 9th, 2017 The Audible world: Sunday, July 9th, 2017, 223.17 MB
Sun 9 Jul 2017

Audible World with Duncan 9/7/17

Songs played:

Mohammed Rafi - Jaan Pehechaan Ho
R. D. Burman - Dum Maro Dum
Magali Noel - Fais-moi mal Johnny
Googoosh - Ounjaa Kieh Kieh
Les Pachas du Canap‚ Vert - Desordre Musical
Fuentes All Stars - Pegale a La Nalga
Mbongue Diboue Et Son Ensemble - Tu Nja Tengene Elie
Volta Jazz - BB Peyrissac
Monoswezi - Wadadisa
Imidiwen - Berceuse
Bitori - Bitori Nha Bibinha
Ayuune Sule - Who Know Tomorrow
Kasai Allstars - In Praise Of Homeboys
Ibibio Sound Machine - The Talking Fish
Elza Soares - Maria Da Vila Matilde
Fat and Masters of HaHa - Fih L'Ain
Koch, Schutz, Studer & El Nin Troop - Makana
Rabih Abou-Khalil - The Pain After
Xylouris White - Run and La
Nishan Kelijkian - Ouskeh Gukas
Musique Citadine De Tlemcen - Istikhbar
Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud - Inaregh
Amadou Binta Konteï and Tidiane Thiam - Mbiffeï
Mariem Hassan - Fergan Leyuad
Lightnin' Hopkins - Woke Up This Morning
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee - People Get Ready
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee - On The Road Again


The Audible world: Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

The Audible world: Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 The Audible world: Sunday, July 2nd, 2017, 215.45 MB
Sun 2 Jul 2017

Sargam Fusion

The Audible World: Sunday, June 25th, 2017

The Audible World: Sunday, June 25th, 2017.mp3 mp3, 220.32 MB
Sun 25 Jun 2017

Playlist 25/6 - African Musics with Phodiso

Salif Keïta - Sanni Kegniba
Toumani Diabaté - Cantelowes live at El Real Alcazar
Toumani Diabaté & Salif Keita - Untitled
Ebo Taylor - Come Along
Ebo Taylor - Love and Death
Ebo Taylor - Atwer Abroba
Vis-A-Vis - Obi Agye Me Dofo
Fela Kuti - Zombie
Hugh Masekela - Afro Beat Blues
Hugh Masekela - Stimela
Oliver Mtukudzi - Ndima Ndapedza
Burna Boy - Yawa Dey
Burna Boy - Soke
Maleek Berry - Kontrol
Dotman - Akube