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"Hey ho! Stuart McCutcheon's got to go!"

"Hey ho! Stuart McCutcheon's got to go!" "Hey ho! Stuart McCutcheon's got to go!", 6.98 MB
Thu 17 May 2018

A New University held a rally today at the University of Auckland, calling for greater investment in the university and democratisation of its management. Lachlan spoke with Nathalie Jaques and Shannon Walsh, organisers behind the project, about A New University and the rally.

Look at the state of housing

Look at the state of housing Look at the state of housing , 8.35 MB
Thu 17 May 2018

This week it was reported that the wait list for state housing in New Zealand has increased dramatically. There are 8000 families on the waitlist and 2000 others wanting to different state houses. Producer, Jemima spoke to Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford about this issue. They also discussed the Government's recent announcement that the maximum price for Kiwibuild homes has increased by $50,000. 

The Wire with Lachlan: Thursday 17th May

The Wire with Lachlan: Thursday 17th May The Wire with Lachlan: Thursday 17th May, 10.5 MB
Thu 17 May 2018

First, Lachlan speaks with Nathalie Jaques and Shannon Walsh from A New university about their rally and we have a special live cross to the event. Neutral corner focuses on the recents shooting of Palestinian protesters by the IDF. Jemima speaks with AAAP’s Ricardo Menendez March about the state housing waiting list and Phil Twyford about the rising cost of kiwibuild homes. Andrew Little joins Lachlan for their weekly chat where we discuss the hikoi on Parliament and the Human Rights commission review. Finally, This Day in History returns where Ben takes us through the shootout between several members of the Symbionese liberation army and the L.A.P.D. in 1974.


How do we solve the global water crisis?

How do we solve the global water crisis? How do we solve the global water crisis?, 41.5 MB
Wed 16 May 2018

The world is facing a water crisis. The World Bank and the United Nations have reported that some forty percent of the world’s population is now affected by water scarcity, two billion people rely on unsafe drinking water, and some 700 million people are at risk of being displaced by water scarcity. Maria Armoudian talks to Robert Glennon, Thomas Perreault, Aimee Craft, and Madison Condon about this issue. 

The Big Q Website:

Dear Science: science in court rooms, water on Europa and Richard Feynman

Dear Science Dear Science, 29.54 MB
Wed 16 May 2018

Allan talks to us about jurors making unqualified decisions around the chemistry of certain drugs, the existence of water on Europa - one of Jupiter's moons, and the 100th birthday of Richard Feynman


Photo credit: NASA

The Children's Commissioner on mental health and prescription drugs in children

"Poverty linked to children's mental health is not a surprise" "Poverty linked to children's mental health is not a surprise", 15.63 MB
Wed 16 May 2018

Recent research claims the link between poverty and a child's mental health is unarguable, with children from disadvantaged homes more likely to need anti-psychotic drugs. The study was conducted at the University of Adelaide using data from the Longitudinal study of Australian Children. The findings indicate that a large proportion of children from disadvantaged families are placed on anti-psychotic medicine. 

Wire producer Darashpreet Johal, spoke to Children's Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft to find out whether this is the case for New Zealand.

The Wire with Lillian: Wednesday 16th May

Wednesday Wire Wednesday Wire, 105.98 MB
Wed 16 May 2018

On the show today,

Allan Blackman from AUT talks to us about science in the justice system and water on one of Jupiter's moons.

Stuart McCutcheon speaks to us about the closing of the creative arts libraries at The University of Auckland.

Children's Commissioner Andrew Becroft discusses research showing the high number of children from disadvantaged homes being prescribed anti-psychotic medication.

Jenny Marcroft from NZ First is taking over the weekly segment from Tracey Martin and spends some time introducing herself to us.

Stuart McCutcheon on changes at The University of Auckland

To close or not to close? To close or not to close? , 21.02 MB
Wed 16 May 2018

Stuart McCutcheon, Vice Chancellor of The University of Auckland, speaks with Lucy Austin about the direction of the university and the recent controversy surrounding the closure of the Creative Arts libraries:

In light of recent events such as the library closures and funding to arts being repeatedly cut I thought it was important to have a chat with the man in charge himself, Vice Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon. The most significant criticism has been a lack of communication with both students and staff. With bFM being the university radio station it seemed the perfect platform to open up this dialogue and get to know the Vice Chancellor a bit better. This is part of a two part series, the second half focuses on the library closures and construction work. Lucy Austin started the interview by asking Stuart to share a little bit about how he came to his role.

Photo credit: University of Auckland

International News With Conor Knell: Learning Portuguese in Macau

International News with Conor Knell: Learning Portuguese In Macau International News with Conor Knell: Learning Portuguese In Macau, 11.22 MB
Tue 15 May 2018

Conor talks about how more Chinese students are travelling to Macau to learn Portuguese and take advantage of China’s new trade links with the Portuguese speaking world. We delve into the history of the territory’s unique culture and how it will help China’s trade into the future.


Auckland Peace Action talks Israel's Platinum (70th) Anniversary.

Valerie Morse from Auckland Peace Action discusses the 70th anniversary of Israel. , 25.39 MB
Tue 15 May 2018

Auckland Peace Action spokesperson, Valerie Morse, spoke with bFM reporter Oscar Perress and expanded on the past, present and future of the Israel-Palestine conflict, its international implications, and New Zealand's role in it all.