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The Hard, Fast & Heavy Show with the Whammy Crew

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Flail - Just Do It
Crazy Spirit - Bricks
Struggle - Red, White, and You
Snøb - Snob
Glue - Intro
Nuke Cult - Brick Dreams
Violent Ramp - Pay To Skate
Treatment - Underneath The Eye
Simfuckers - Fucker I
Government Warning - Sick Of Home
Coughs - Dark Powers
Chain's Gang - Juvie Baby
A.G.'s - Hurt a Cop
Nuka Waves - Miss Me When I'm Dead
Eat A Brick - Ball Swinger
Cut Sick! - Eat Concrete
The Sentenced - Intro
Common Ignorance - Control
Life Like - Savage
I.C.E. - Intro / Trust No Bitch
The Kremlings - Know Nothings
Devil Master - Gates of Pain
Parasytes - Burning down the city
Wastoids - Brown Sugar / Brown liquor
Bad Noids - Twelve Years Old
ESP Mayhem - Cop Reality
AD's - Testing
Wyx - Association
Ciril - Drains Quickly
Prag - Concentrated Visuals
Total Trash - Josef K / Opiates
Soupcans - Deadbeat
Raspberry Bulbs - I Will Not Pretend
性交 - No Death
Black Easter - What The Fuck
X - When Our Love Passed Out On The Couch
The Blood - Stark Raving Normal
Zany Guys - Mr. Ackers
Suburban Lawns - Janitor
Burners - Enough
Dopefight - Hijos De Fumar

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