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The Rhythm Selection with Dubhead

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Al & The Vibrators - Move Up
Dandy - We Are Still Rude
The Tartans - It's Not Right
The Termites - Searching So Long
The Uniques - Give Me Some More Loving
The Black Brothers - You've Been Saying Things
Derrick Morgan & Blues Blenders - Never Gonna Give Up
Peter Austin & Hortense Lewis - Bang Shang Along
The Clarendonians - Lonely Heartaches
The Melodians - Everybody Bawling
Brentford All Stars - Moon Ride
Tommy McCook - Rock Away
The Maytones - Cold Up
The Versatiles - Worries A Yard
The Barons - Darling Please Return
The Kingstonians - Love Is The Greatest Science
The Pioneers - Me Little But Me Tallawah
Vic Taylor - My Heart Aches
Dennis Walks - Having A Party
Sound Dimension - Holy Moses
The Conquerors - Look Pon You
The Paragons - Same Song
Ken Parker - Only Yesterday
Carl Bryan & The Rhythm Rulers - Run For Your Life
Brentford Disco Set - Feel Like Jumping Pt 2
The Crystalites - Splash Down
The Viceroys - Take Your Hand From Me Neck
The Young Souls - Man A Wail
Delroy Wilson - Put Yourself In My Place
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Sufferation 1969
Duke Morgan - Lick It Back
The Ethiopians - Pirate
The Cables - What Kind Of World
The Maytals - Walk With Love

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The Rhythm Selection: 30th July, 2018

RS 30th July.mp3 mp3, 226.69 MB
Mon 30 Jul 2018

The Rhythm Selection: 16th July, 2018

RS 17th July.mp3 mp3, 222.7 MB
Mon 16 Jul 2018

The Rhythm Selection: 18th June, 2018

RS 18th June.mp3 mp3, 220.47 MB
Mon 18 Jun 2018

Jazz Funk Special

The Rhythm Selection: 11th June, 2018

11th June.mp3 mp3, 224.6 MB
Mon 11 Jun 2018

The Rhythm Selection: 4th June, 2018

4th June.mp3 mp3, 220.18 MB
Mon 4 Jun 2018

Funky Reggae 45s

The Rhythm Selection: 28th May, 2018

28th May.mp3 mp3, 217.45 MB
Mon 28 May 2018

Rocksteady and Boss Reggae 45s

The Rhythm Selection: 21st May, 2018

21st May.mp3 mp3, 216.36 MB
Mon 21 May 2018

NZ Music Special

The Rhythm Selection: 14th May, 2018

14th May.mp3 mp3, 221.05 MB
Mon 14 May 2018

A Modern Funk Special

The Rhythm Selection: 7th May, 2018

7th May.mp3 mp3, 222.01 MB
Mon 7 May 2018

Another Dub Special

The Rhythm Selection: 30th April, 2018

30th April.mp3 mp3, 220.18 MB
Mon 30 Apr 2018

A Dub Special