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Graveyard with Ollie: December 17th, 2019

Last show of the Year! On this edition we've brought in a local breather & general pest, Zach AKA Cazarus from E4 Records. We talk Tinder, NZ Music & even 5G... buzzy right? Listen in Below.

Foster the People - Pumped kicks
Vince Groves - Honey
Tame Impala - The Less I know The Better
noy - u & me
Nadia Reid - Best Thing
Graysound feat MC Camo & Matt Owens - Feel So Good
The Pleasure Majenta - Swan Song
mgmt - Electric Feel
Tsuruda - Dragon Of The Darkness Flame
Baker Boy - Meditjin feat. JessB
Renee-Louise Carafice - You Are A Little Ghost
Boney M. - Rasputin
Randa - Toughen Up
Kaizen - Tears
Syd Com - Scared
Greg Foat - The Door into Summer
alexa casino - Leave U feat. PollyHill
Floret Loret - The Upside Down
Mitski - Geyser
Amelia and Maddy - Hot Christmas
yancey - $A$$
Jorge Elbrecht - Minus Sign feat. Tim Koh