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The Wire: 300 fishing boats to have cameras installed by 2024

5:40pm on 26 May 2022

Interview by Joe Wickins, adapted by Jessica Hopkins

Listen to the full interview 

The Government confirmed today that up to 300 fishing vessels will be fitted with on-board cameras and artificial intelligence software by the end of 2024.

Cameras on boats will ensure vessels are accurately documenting the size of the catch, as well as any bycatch (animals caught accidentally), which have put species such as the antipodean albatross under threat.

Hon David Parker, the Minister for Ocean and Fisheries Internationally says between 1500 and 200 vessels have been equipped with on-board cameras globally. 

Parker says that once the new technology is installed, New Zealand will have around 15% of the world's cameras on boats. 

Parker told Joe on The Wire today that consumer decisions are increasingly driven by environmental factors, and this is another step towards providing assurance about the quality and sustainably of New Zealand’s seafood products.

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